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You'll need some sturdy black underwear to keep your modesty and we'd team with simple black pumps to keep all focus on this show-stopping dress.
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The luxury five-star hotel, which runs eleven 9,533 pounds-a-month penthouses, has suites costing up to 2,800 pounds-a-night, with their cheapest rooms at 339 pounds-a-night.
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His gun in sight, she said she pleaded “No, sir” as he unzipped his fly and exposed himself to her with a hurried directive.
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Daylight saving time might have a weird, misguided origin story, but that doesn’t make standard time better
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The Sun acts as a torch lighting them up, and from our vantage point on Earth it is difficult to see the "depth" of space that separates the planets.
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Once one of the marathon’s megawatt celebrity draws, Lance Armstrong is now banned from the race for life for leading a sophisticated doping program on his Tour de France cycling teams
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Cavanaugh stamped the program as his own from Day 1
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If it weren’t for him, Glenn’s head would never have even gotten stuck in that revolving door
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The annual convention was held in Nanning from October 23 to 25 this year
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He likes the kid, and sees growth potential
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Repairs and restorations were soon made and Gatewood's story would inspire a new batch of hikers to try it out.
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Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which had been insistent Mr Assad must go, may also be softening their position somewhat
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He was generally more respectful toward Carson, but he noted that compared with Bush, “Ben Carson’s an even lower-key individual.”
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With Jupiter also in this area, there is a positive overtone that will help keep things on track
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"This is intended to be an ongoingprogram of the way we actually will exist."
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The trail was meagerly marked and sometimes nearly impossible to maneuver
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I didn't even see the final eighth (of a mile) because I had my eyes closed the whole time
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Harvoni is raking in cash, but the market wants to see a plan for the future
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In the end, it is Syrians themselves who will have to make the tough choices
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This contradicts an earlier comment made by an Egyptian aviation official who said the pilot had reported technical difficulties before losing contact with air traffic controllers
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"I don't really like the beginning of the tournaments for sure but that's how it is
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“When you drill down on what’s unique, you know Mike doesn’t need a lot,” says Matt Carlin, a former UConn captain who coached alongside Cavanaugh at Dartmouth
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This can often be hurtful to partners of a different faith who have chosen to fully participate in the Jewish community, despite not converting, and bring their children up as Jewish.
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During the select committee, Ms Batmanghelidjh was asked whether it was true that people over the age of 18 were receiving more than 100 a week
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PwC had said its aim was to stabilise Caparo and look for opportunities to save the business, but it concluded that certain parts of the company were no longer viable
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David Cameron was there with his son; Boris Johnson was there too; in the royal box, the Duke of Edinburgh sat between his rugby enthusiast grandsons
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In addition, it was a poor fall berry crop for chokecherries, another bear staple.
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Jayson was smart enough about himself — smart enough, period — to know it was never just one thing
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That decline began sometime in the last century in step with the rise of out-of-wedlock births
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"We think there is a real positive buzzcoming out of it and we expect to see an increase in sales."
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It's closed on Shabbas, it's closed on all Jewish holidays and only Jewish clergy can officiate
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The Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans all left their mark
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After the departure of its long-time organizer Mary Wittenburg, the race's director is Bronx native Peter Ciaccia.
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As many onlinecompanies have millions of users, a case can quickly snowballinto a multimillion dollar class action.
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Those near the finish can expect wheelchair athletes to begin crossing the finish line around 10:00, followed by pro women at 11:45 and pro men at 11:45
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“He sent a message to David, but I never answered back”.I don’t want to say anything to him because he knows what he did
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"Politicians in Washington have tried to fix the VA by holding hearings and blindly throwing money at the problem
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VW has a lot to worry about - but not it would seem about the commitment of its workers
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"We have a chance to make our outstanding journalism go further and reach more people than ever before and I know everyone working here will relish that opportunity"
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On Saturday evening, Air France-KLM said it was following suit.
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Before you hand over your money it's worth seeing how your favourite iOS games stand up when mirrored to an old Apple TV via AirPlay
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He also filmed commercials, notably for On-Cor frozen dinners.
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As Monica had no way to prove she had been raped, the pregnancy stood as evidence of her guilt