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Then they lost six of their last seven (including an eight-point loss to USC) to finish with five wins, seven defeats and no bowl invitation.
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This week brings movement of Mars, a new Moon in Scorpio and a number of opportunities that encourage you to get serious about business
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These disorders indicate an increased risk of heart disease that requires increased vigilance and action at the earliest possible stage," Dr Goldstein said.
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"Take the device out of their hand," Winslet said
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It travelled far, 50 yards or more
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As a result of rights issues in the run-up to YouTube Red’s official rollout next week, ESPN has started pulling its videos from the popular Google-owned video sharing site
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"Actors and actresses are often paired up so fans hope they end up together in real life
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I believe that obtaining a diagnosis should lead to a process of compassion, adaptation and enablement to increase the chances for early improvement and recovery.
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The Foxies followed saying Rose had a commitment that he booked prior to signing with Fox Sports in April.
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Unfortunately, your business manager, Armstrong Williams went on mainstream TV (CNN) the next day to tell Jake Tapper that well, you did have a contract with Mannatech for a speech
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It’s horrible,” she added.
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Weirdly — hey, it was Halloween — Madson was the winning pitcher for the Royals Saturday night.
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“There are a number of different flu vaccines and the dosage varies by age,” Turner says
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PWC has declined to comment "on a confidential piece of client work"
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He had been the starter for OSU last season as a freshman until breaking his ankle against Michigan in the regular-season finale.
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"It's surprising how often actors are asked to play caricatures of themselves
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On Friday, two bodies were recovered after flooding in the Austin and San Antonio areas
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It packs in energy at a density that is almost the theoretical limit for lithium-air batteries
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On the other hand, carbon dioxide (CO2) persists for much longer (it would take hundreds of years for it to return to pre-industrial levels)
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But negative feedbacks exist that could offset warming
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Another activist group, the Local Coordination Committees said airstrikes have killed about 75 people.
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Then write us a short note explaining why you flagged it that way.
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We already know Bernie Sanders is the hunkiest, and you are the most wise.
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Powered by the Google's Android operating system, the new BlackBerry Priv aims to gain back some of the company's former glory
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Bernie Sanders has been the congressman from little Vermont (a state so small it has only one) since 1990 and one of its senators since 2006
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now becomes the Ministerof Economy and he said he will approve a deal reached in Augustwith Texas-based Noble Energy and Israel's Delek Group
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Among them were reigning champions Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany, both of Kenya, as well as their top challengers at next summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
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East German leader Egon Krenz later insisted he told Schabowski to tell reporters to withhold news of the new travel regulation until 4 a.m
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The people that win right now are usually the people in the playoffs.”
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I think he’s saying there’s not much difference in safety levels between all cars
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Anyway, the why of his mom’s death didn’t matter much in the end
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Rice also was carrying $6,000 in cash when he was shot, police said.
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The other two members of the so-called six-party talks are the United States and Russia.
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"It is critically important that pregnant women have an ultrasound examination before 12 weeks gestation to confirm twins, and to confirm whether or not both babies share one placenta
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Unfortunately there are some issues with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate that detract from the gameplay
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But Kizer came right back with a long scoring drive, capped by the TD to his star receiver who hails from Philadelphia to make it 24-20.
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Six players kick a soccer ball in the hall
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Francis is also praying for those mourning the loss of their loved ones.
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He even went as far as to say he would need a “couple more weeks” to fully regain his rhythm.
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But he is 0-4 in the playoffs and was booed at a celebrity softball game during the baseball All-Star festivities in Cincinnati over the summer
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“Needless to say, our backs are against the wall,” David Wright said
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Hamilton clinched his third Formula One world championship on Sunday after winning a thrilling and unpredictable U.S
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His ire arose from an unexpected quarter: He took offense to my use of the term “socio-economic inequality” in the two scholarly articles I had published on the profession
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