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In 54 percent families, 37 percent parents agreed to child’s demand to go to fast food restaurant
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"Hay fever affects 10% of Irish people but can be managed with some simple steps allowing people to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months
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Rita Ora, however, has made her first negative comments of the night
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The fall in activity continued in the first half of 2015.
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Brilliant effort, they could hardly have dreamed of this having lost the toss
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LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) — Coaches for No
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It was one of those nights where they stymied the middle of the lineup."
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Baird downgraded the shares of SCTY in a report on October 30 to “Neutral” rating
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The party favors resumption of peace efforts to end the Kurdish conflict
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It seemed as if the Mets were playing for their season on Friday night when they came home from Kansas City down 2-0
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The Airbus that came down was built in 1994 but had been used intensively in recent years, according to Russian state-owned television
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31, 2015, in Colorado Springs, Colo
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We make quality drama here and it would be wrong to turn your back on it.
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It had been the last game of the day at the Jeff, Jayson’s team up by a basket, needing one more to win by two
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On Friday, the company notified the National Crime Agency and Information Commissioners’ Office, which is responsible for guarding personal data privacy in the U.K.
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“You’re like the basketball version of that Snapchat,” Ty had said
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By nightfall, Republicans plucked Hastert from relative obscurity to become the next speaker of the House
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The Saudi foreign minister, just back from the talks in Vienna, sounded pessimistic about the chances of any imminent breakthrough.
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One person was injured with a tear gas canister in the chest and had to be rushed to hospital
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“We know that things are going to even out a little bit because teams are going to have more tape on us,” wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell said
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If Suri was treated like a deity, Remini soon found herself regarded as an outcast
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But in the process of working through anything that needs to be said or dealt with, be sensitive and diplomatic in your approach, rather than critical and judgmental, to offset the Virgo energy
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"Some of the Republicans get so tied up with free trade,"said Lee Cole, a Republican attorney from nearby Williamston whoattended Trump's event
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The campaign is Kmart's attempt to draw on the success of anearlier era
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Leaving rates so low only encourages home buyers
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The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro is due out soon, as well.
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They have helped propel Trump to the topof popularity rankings in South Carolina, a key early primarystate, where he is outpacing rival Ben Carson.
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Users get very good (but not excellent) performance on a proven platform that has been universally praised when it came out
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But the plan only would result in such an elite unit if the Jets were able to do what they’d been successful at for several years: stop the run.
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First, prosecutors say Silver earned $3 million for referring asbestos sufferers to a personal injury law firm despite doing no legal work on the cases
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I’m pretty sure he understands that
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He said most of the injured were unconscious and in serious condition
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Nintendo said that Miitomo would be a "free-to-start communication application"
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In stark contrast, cremation is the norm for most Hindus.
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When he thought he could do no more, he resuscitated four drowning men.
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"We have support for our aims throughout the UK and abroad." A petition to "Stop the UK grey squirrel cull" has so far attracted almost 140,000 signatures.
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Hot autumn sunshine was casting soothing shadows through elegant pines when McIlroy delivered a moment of glorious magic
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Malcolm was now a teacher in good standing at our school
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It is easy for One to understand
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36 million is being spent to create a completely new departure level which will house the World’s largest self-service bag drop zone
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Tseng's lawyer said her client naively trusted her patients
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The least we can do is our civic duty.
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I’ve tried to go after choices that are as creative as possible
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He also saw an example in his father's activism, including his help organizing a boycott to desegregate Buffalo schools.
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You’d be forgiven for thinking the episode was actually an advert for the National Trust.