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No one else was injured in the series of shootings, said El Paso County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby.

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“Us Russians in America need to stand with our fellow Russians in this.”

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The researchers collected data from 1,500 men and women

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I believed there was a chance at some recovery if I could get an appointment and follow treatment plans with the writer of the book

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Although scientists are working on concepts for a follow-up probe to further explore the moon, NASA has not approved a mission.

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After Ankara bombings, the party decided to cancel all rallies ahead of November 1.

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PARIS (AP) — The building's walls are designed to withstand a missile strike and a highly secured operational room is hidden underground

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Robert Taub referred patients suffering from the effects of exposure to asbestos to Silver

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This global network will, according to Cisco, generate 507.5 zettabytes of data per year.

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Manning’s arm, never a rocket, has weakened considerably

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“We shouldn’t have the expectation that we will, by chance at this event, find the first landing site.”

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The goal for this year is modest growth in enrollment of about 3 to 5 percent.

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Mr Lewis said: “Over the last three years, MoneySavingExpert has continued to thrive and grow, cutting millions of people’s bills and fighting their corner

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Woodson crouched beside a truck filled with medical supplies

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The problem isn't a lack of midwives

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And Jacob deGrom probably has pitched the best of any Met through most of the season, so the floppy-haired righty is perhaps challenging Harvey for ace status, too

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However, the current period of warming is occurring more rapidly than many past events

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We are working closely with industry to ensure installations are made with the highest of standards.

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Post sunset, you will be able to spotSaturn at 0 magnitude and looking bright

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We've got a bunch of guys, they're a bunch of warriors, that's what they are

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But these are not caricatures - they're exaggerated characters, but they are absolutely believable and true to life," he says.

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Forth Valley College is one of two institutions in Scotland which has been conducting the National Progression Award (NPA) Cyber Security Level 5 course.

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