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"From a non-technology perspective, security training for staff can go a long way."
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He was crying in pain while a medic was cleaning up his broken jaw
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The NTSB, an independent federal agency, is conducting an investigation into the cargo ship's disappearance
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Pamela says that every now and then a priest would come to check up on how the children were getting on
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Eurobank, the only lender that isn't majority owned by the Greek state, has the smallest need at EUR2.12 billion
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"Immediately after birth, whether that birth is a normal delivery or a caesarean birth, women need to be with their baby to encourage the physiological process of breastfeeding
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Barrett was basically a runner in those situations inside the 20-yardline or so, and we know Miller can do that
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Andit would be silly to count as valueless the other benefits ofhaving a purpose, being a big shot or thinking you are incontrol.
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He has that mindset that he can overcome things and he's overcome things before
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"The price rollback in health care costs was unprecedented," says Mary Johnson, a policy consultant for the Senior Citizens League
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"I want to say to them all: We do not fear you."
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Scientists are only know about a few pieces of man-made debris in space right now, and none is supposed to return to Earth anytime soon
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Early detection received a huge boost in the 1940s with the introduction of the Pap smear in which doctors scraped a woman's cervix, looking for abnormal cells that might become cancerous
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It falls just short of the rope and goes for FOUR.
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It was not clear how long the contents of the boxes, which record flight data and cockpit conversations, would take to retrieve.
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They had gone from 3-2 down to 5-3 ahead
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Ireland currently has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in Europe, with just 56% of women breastfeeding at the time of their discharge
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'We had yearly auditions and she came along to one,’ recalls Ian Smith, until recently the Workshop’s director.
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"I'm sure the one thing his father would want him to do is pitch Game 5," Collins said
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Here, they share the personal reasons that they became involved in the Movember campaign”
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If the aircraft is refueled while in the air, then it can fly even farther - an additional 4,000 miles without landing.
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That would sting big depositors such as small and medium sized businesses, which are already having enough trouble.
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Itis a highly automated aircraft relying on computers to helppilots stay within safe flying limits.
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Teenage Stratten didn’t seem destined for magazine goddess fame
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Plumes of smoke rose above the capital, on the Indian Ocean coast
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NEW ORLEANS - As Jason Pierre-Paul went through his first football drills with the Giants since last December, he looked like the fastest lineman on the field
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The This Morning presenter looked cute as a button in her Kin by John Lewis sweater in a pastel pink hue
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The paper noted that the average European cost to care for a person with dementia in a residential setting, such as a nursing home, is just under €4,500 per month
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facilities serving as makeshift shelters or moved in with relatives elsewhere in the strip
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Police said they went the scene because of reports that some mourners had weapons and responded to being shot at
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The terrorist was shot by security forces
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We’d also advise people to stick to the popular, well-used footpaths.”
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Scientists are so highly excited about this spatial garbage because this will be for the first time ever that a human object is going to return after being in space for so long
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Quick as a flash, he replies: “That’s why I have Martin’s Money Mantras: Do I need it? Can I afford it? Will I use it? If not, don’t buy it.”
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The NFL wants to go back to Los Angeles because a new stadium in the second biggest market will be a gold mine
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Except when we arrived, Khalil was no longer answering his phone.
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"First I had to clear the physical fitness test
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“But at least it’s gotten everyone talking about it again so maybe that’s good.”
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Except in Apple's case, it can keep selling new iterations of the iPhone until consumer interest wanes
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The Razorbacks are a tough team that’s gotten on a bit of a roll lately
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He knew that's what I wanted to be; I want to be a baseball player
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“Flip would’ve wanted me to coach,” Wittman said
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Manning can tie Favre against Favre’s old team
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Then the Knicks’ athletic second unit came in and kept the team in the game.
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Only the rarest both triumph repeatedly and do so with the sort of style and swagger that lights up future generations as well as their own.
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Satellite and cable providers say they want to satisfyconsumers' demands
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And the Giants still believe they can be an explosive, dynamic offense that ranks among the league’s best
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"He refused to give up his dream of peace in the face of violence," Clinton, who formed a close bond with Rabin when both were in office, said to roars of applause