Thank you for your interest in ALLIANCE! We welcome all potential members to take part in our Open House event, which usually takes place in November or December, as well as our auditions during the winter and spring. Membership is open to all ages!

Audition Dates and Locations

Auditions usually take place during January and February following Open House. During this time, which is also prime WGI season, brass auditionees will meet at least two weekends per month for two day camps.

ALLIANCE makes every effort to share locations ahead of time. We strive to rehearse in the metro area at all times. Specific dates and locations are posted on our Google Calendar.

Audition Camps

Audition camps are different from Open House where members have the opportunity to meet veterans, staff, administrators, and alumni. Audition camps allow you to experience what it’s like to be in ALLIANCE for a typical weekend. These camps are slightly shorter than usual rehearsals, but just as intense practice wise. You will be evaluated and receive instruction from the best of instructors as you learn basic marching techniques and music or colorguard skills. Some performers will be asked to perform individually for staff members, but everyone will be evaluated while performing with the larger group. You will meet and work with other potential members from all over the southeast and most of your audition time will be spent in this large group.

At the end of the weekend, we will notify you of your status.

Audition Process and Materials

Brass auditionees will play individually and in group settings. There will also be a visual component to their audition. You will be asked to perform audition material and answer a few questions about yourself. You might also be asked about potential conflicts or financial obligations.

Percussion auditions will take place by section as members review exercises, cadences, and musical selections. The ability to move and play at the same time is important, so a visual component is likely during your audition.

Color guard auditions will take place in large groups and based on weapon of choice. Members will learn a short routine that involves a weapon and dance.

Conductor auditions are open to everyone, regardless of whether or not the person has previously marched with ALLIANCE. Conductor auditions are on-going during winter and spring audition camps.

To obtain audition materials, go to the above menu and select the section you are interested in.  You can download materials from that location.

What to Bring

Below is a list of items for a typical rehearsal, but these items come in handy during auditions too!

  • Athletic shoes for marching
  • Athletic shorts and/or pants for marching (no jeans)
  • Mouthpiece/drumsticks/guard equipment (bring what you can)
  • Brass players and percussionists should bring their personal instrument if possible
  • Money for fees and personal meals
  • Book bag containing the following:
    • music in sheet protectors and a binder
    • sunscreen
    • 1 gallon water jug
    • black cotton gloves (brass only)
    • black towel to lay your instrument on (brass only)
    • baseball hat

Membership FAQs

What are member fees, and what do they cover?
  • Instruction
  • Music and drill
  • Instruments and equipment
  • Uniform Jacket and Shako
  • Transportation for out of area shows
  • Housing when applicable
  • Logistics, such as equipment transportation

When and where will auditions and rehearsals take place?

Our camps are held at metro area high schools in the North Atlanta metro counties. Open House is an event during the winter open to anyone who wants to learn about the corps, while auditions are usually two-day weekends in the winter and early spring reserved for anyone interested in joining the corps. Rehearsals are two-day events during the spring and summer, but have the potential for a third day as competitions become more frequent in June and July.

Where will I sleep and how will I eat?

Members are dismissed once for meal breaks for 9 am to 5 pm camps and twice for 9 am to 10 pm camps. Meals are the member’s responsibility unless otherwise noted. At this time, ALLIANCE cannot offer overnight housing unless the entire corps is traveling out of state, but we make every effort to assist with carpools and sleeping arrangements. Always plan ahead and ask in advance if you require accommodations. If the corps provides housing at a rehearsal site, members will sleep on the floor of the gym or other rehearsal area, like the cafeteria or band room. Members will use the shower facilities at the school, so if this is the case, bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and shower gear.

ALLIANCE will only provide overnight housing and meals if announced ahead of time. We encourage car pools and will assist you in finding one if necessary.

Is it possible to reduce my member fees?

ALLIANCE provides multiple opportunities for members to fundraise in order to reduce their member fees.  We work concession stands at local arenas, sell raffle tickets and coupon cards, etc.  We encourage anyone interested in marching to contact us ahead of time to discuss finances.  We do not allow performers to join for free, nor do we offer scholarships of any kind for any reason.

When are fees due, and what options are available?

All fees have deadlines during the spring and summer and we collect payment at the first rehearsal of the month from percussion and the last rehearsal of the month for brass and guard.  Members can either pay their fees in total at one time or follow a monthly schedule that breaks the fee down into smaller amounts.  We accept all forms of payment, including cash, check, and credit/debit cards.

What miscellaneous purchases will I have to make?

We strive to include all potential purchases in our member fee, but the following items are not included:

  • Travel to/from local camps
  • Personal meals during rehearsals and some performance weekends
  • Caption specific equipment (i.e. mouthpieces, gloves, makeup, etc.)
  • Personal items (i.e. rehearsal clothes, water jug, air mattress, etc.)
  • Souvenirs

What should I wear to rehearsals?

During the winter, we suggest members dress in layers of athletic or dance attire. Since members will transition between being outside and inside gyms, cafeterias, and band rooms, layers are best.

During the spring and summer, we suggest athletic shoes, shorts, and breathable t-shirts, sunglasses, and something to cover your head. Our morning blocks usually equate 4 hours outside, so it’s best to protect your skin, head, and eyes. Different sections often develop camaraderie through "hype-wear", such as section shorts or hats.  We like to have fun as much as possible!

What are rehearsals and performances like?

DCA has a reputation of being a “weekend only” activity. During the winter, the corps meets once a month and this transitions to two times a month during the spring. During the summer, the corps is likely to meet almost every weekend, even though some weekends will only include performances.

We ask auditionees to compare their schedules with ours in order to achieve 100% attendance. Rehearsal weekends are generally 9 am to 9 pm on Saturdays and 9 am to 5 pm on Sundays. During the summer, Saturday rehearsals last until 10 pm and Friday sectionals from 6 pm to 11 pm are added.

DCA Championships requires we leave Wednesday night and return the following Monday, but this is usually the only mid-week occurrence.

How should I handle school conflicts?

We expect members to attend all rehearsal camps. As soon as a conflict is noted, members should email their caption head and section tech, while copying the education coordinator and executive director. Our goal is to help each member meet both priorities, but absences still must be approved ahead of time in order to not jeopardize the member’s contract.