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“Death of a Playmate” was the headline on a story in one L.A

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Breast cancer fighters traded their costumes for the color pink, and it was everywhere

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Our only direct comparison will be between two paso dobles, performed by Kellie Bright and Katie Derham

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Their Red Cross brassards made them easy targets for German snipers hiding in the bluffs, who ignored the rules of war and fired on many medics that day.

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This drop in positive mood occurred regardless of what the participants reported on the negative mood scale

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Usually, they can be found inside locked chests which you could open only if you had enough skill points invested in pick locking

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"It was very coarse string and it made our fingers bleed," says Pamela

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With seven weeks of the NFL season in the books, the Jets are simply the very best

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But teams attempted only 59 two-pointers last season, and will shatter that mark this year.

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In any case, we’ll never know what might have happened had Murphy made the play on the slow ground ball from Eric Hosmer

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They only took Santos because of a chance phone call: the school had one Brazilian student for whom they could not find a host family.

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We walked stealthily through the dark cellblocks, and as I passed each cell and looked in, I imagined brutal killers locked behind layers of stone and wardens treating inmates like animals

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The cast is aided by Sorkin’s superb screenplay, with the prose popping off the screen

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Russia and Iran did not specifically rule out his eventual departure.

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Authorities there recently banned the opposition Islamic Renaissance Party and arrested 78 of its members

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“We’ve had to cancel flights to keep up with the schedule

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District Judge Layn Phillips of Oklahoma to get a jump-start on mediating the more than 20 claims that have already been filed in Michigan

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Inspections and fines on salons have also increased, and legislation allows the state to quickly shut down shops which do not comply.

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We don't always look after prevention, and I was guilty of that, but never again

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She says her goal is not the money, but to clarify that none of the stories are true, and to get the companies to own up to their role in how her image was used.

trazodone withdrawal after two weeks

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"It's time we stop trusting Washington politicians to fix the problems and empower our veterans to vote with their feet."

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They start finding out their own destiny in Game 5

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For him, there was no ambivalence entwined in fighting for his country, even if that country didn’t support equality for all its citizens

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He’s faced life-changing adversity

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“It’s something that’s so far out of your control,” said Ruffalo of his Academy Award chances

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And all that media surrounding her initial hike, and all the griping she did about her experience, helped save the trail

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In 1987, he and Anson Williams, who played Potsie on "Happy Days," started Big Al's, a Midwestern diner chain.

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Saunders, who died on Sunday at age 60 after complications from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, will be laid to rest at a private ceremony in the Twin Cities this weekend

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Yet he has no problem with his European commitments, which include hosting the Irish Open at The K Club next May prior to the Olympics in Rio.

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But programmers also fear the packages could become so popular that they undercut current, more profitable deals with cable companies.

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“And the next ground ball you’re at double-play depth, it’s a different situation, when you didn’t have to be

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Researchers are optimistic about the possible outcome of the technology

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That was why he spent as much time on the basketball court as possible

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Exact Sciences is slated to be cornerstone of the Judge Doyle Square development in downtown Madison

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In a bid to finally restore confidence in the Greek financial system, the regulators set a high bar for the stress tests this time round

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She said her 11-year-old son complained his bottom was so sore he could not walk

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