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Drum Major Audition Requirements

Audition Process

  • Drum major candidates will be expected to attend all brass rehearsals and participate in those rehearsals (including both visual and music).
  • Please prepare a 2 minute excerpt from a piece of music of your choosing. This can be orchestral, wind ensemble, marching band, drum corps, etc. Consider excerpts that will show off a variety of conducting skills (tempo changes, pattern changes, dynamics, styles). You will conduct your piece individually at the February 4th brass camp. Please bring a recording with you, preferably via phone or MP3 device that can be attached to a speaker system.

  • We will conduct interviews with staff members at the February 4th camp and plan on finalizing a decision by the end of that weekend.

  • During the brass music rehearsals on January 21 and 22, we will go over some conducting exercises and role expectations especially during rehearsals.