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If only Tesla still offered the Model S 40

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The company has been resisting to use any software other than theirs, but it had cost them of their place at the smartphone industry.

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Antibiotics from this family of drugs, macrolides, are often used as a replacement for drugs like penicillin if the patients are allergic to them.

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DEA agents that day seized cash and paraphernalia used to sell marijuana and make THC wax and oil from Torrez's house

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The reason I buy everything on eBay is because of the thrill of the chase

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are among companies that also have sustained hacking attacks in the past year

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Unfortunately, Bloomberg and Klein focused their early reform efforts primarily on the structure and management of a system of 1,000-plus schools — no small challenge.

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"There were all kinds of issues that need to be addressed by the conference

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“When you have screwed up royally in the Sea Org, it’s basically to reform you,” she said

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How many of them do you know? From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

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For Lola ‘Bambi’ Larson, this marked her only screen appearance of any note

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You don’t miss something until it’s gone, and good god do I miss the routine of going to work, having the banter and providing a service.”

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They have a dream about the politically constructed world society without religious traditions, without borders, without nations

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In March this year, Chevron committed to the delivery of free cash flow (FCF) to cover its dividend payout in 2017

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These cookies store no personally identifiable information.

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Since campaigning began in mid-November, both the ruling and opposition camps have reported violent attacks which have killed a number of their supporters.

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On the final play of the game, Miami received the kickoff trailing 27-24 after Duke scored with six seconds left

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The Mets were going to square things, make it best-of-three against the Royals

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Teammates and coaches have remarked on how he has matured and is allowing more of his personality to come out.

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China and the US staged a well-choreographed love-in on climate change, and over 150 countries came forward with their detailed plans.

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Rios is also a member of Molecular & Developmental Biology, Sackler School, at Tufts.

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What we did then was to make sure we picked up a bulletin every time we went to Mass

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The attackers then fled and the two asylum seekers had to be taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

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Some 54% said they ‘felt despair' at some stage because of their health, while 10% felt ‘much more limited' in comparison to other people of their age.

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She was previously married briefly to baseball player David Justice and singer-songwriter Eric Benet.

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In fact the planets remain millions of kilometres apart and the appearance of them being close together is a consequence of their relative positions in the Solar System

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It will be accepted that a third runway at Heathrow will increase the pollution levels of aircraft landing by one third

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With terrorism a constant concern, the New York Police Department will dispatch more than 1,880 officers on marathon detail, according to NYPD Commissioner William Bratton

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Courser has accused the employees of being involved and conspiring with the speaker's office

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Albert Lam, chairman and group CEO of Detroit Electric said "We are thrilled to see our first production car roll off the line at our UK manufacturing site