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A change of environment, coupled with exposure to colds and viruses, means that children are exposed to more asthma triggers," explained ASI chief executive, Sharon Cosgrove.

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At the end of the second quarter, Gilead had a cash stockpile of $14.7 billion

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“It’s been an unbelievable experience to be able to drive from the home that I grew up in to the ballpark today, it’s just great

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Vadher, who married last year, says she had warned her husband before they married

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Rainbow hair searches have grown 148%

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Often, whatever illness you had wasn’t actually the flu,” Turner says

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More than 16 inches of rain soaked one neighborhood and Austin Bergstrom International Airport suspended all flights after a half-foot of water flooded the air traffic control tower

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These disorders indicate an increased risk of heart disease that requires increased vigilance and action at the earliest possible stage," Dr Goldstein said.

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He arrived stateside via Dallas in 2012, and committed to Boston University in 2013

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The program has been invaluable in raising the quality of life for those infected with HIV and AIDS, even for those unable to afford to pay for their health care

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This results in a progressive deterioration in various functions controlled by the nervous system, such as vision, speech and movement.

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Cain followed with a single to center and Matz was pulled by manager Terry Collins

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I wonder who feels so threatened by a small startup.

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Here, Argentina's Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe is engulfed by fans after their victory over Georgia in Gloucester

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Neither, apparently, did the six-person judging panel

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But having the players is not the same as getting results, so no one truly knew how tough Gang Green’s run defense would be

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30 delivery just to discover that it’s available in your nearby Apple Store right now? Share your irritation in the comments

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Often attackers can get into a corporate network using stolen staff credentials but that just gets them a foothold

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“Invest Caribbean Now” — the private-sector Caribbean firm that has catered to high-end investors in the region for years — has some great news for smaller businesses

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They now run a pumpkin festival

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As Turks head to the polls for a second time in five months, supporters of the AK Party that’s ruled Turkey for 13 years say they want to continue reaping benefits of political stability

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"We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law

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I persist that the ultimate point of having money is that you don’t have to think about it

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A student stands in front of others as they attend a class inside a school in a rebel-controlled area of the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, Syria, October 19, 2015

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Bryant can talk right now about how he wants to let Russell and Clarkson develop, but after a few more weeks of losses, let’s see if he still feels that way.

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In several recent cases, players who wanted to commemorate lost loved ones have faced opposition from the league.

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The site is accepted as the location of ancient Jewish temples, making it the most sacred place in Judaism, while also encompassing Islam’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock

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This time it’s Michael Fassbender playing Jobs, in a performance that is worthy of Oscar consideration

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Catherine Buckley said the crime scene covers several major downtown streets

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Polling remained halted at this station as the polling staff stopped working and called in police

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There was no Pap smear for the breast, but doctors could examine women's breasts in the office, and women could examine them at home

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We will only reopen the service when we are confident that we have all of the senior qualified staff in place to consistently cover all of the rotas

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Make the most of this energy before Saturn casts a cloud of caution next week.

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really helped with the sound process.”

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The BBC News website is the media partner for this year's award

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But from nowhere Beale gets a one-handed pass to a charging Drew Mitchell who makes some valuable yardage over the halfway - heroics are the only way they'll make any headway

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One of his policies was to make the arts available to all Cubans, not just the rich.

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I'm not sitting cowering in my home thinking anyone who is talking about raping me is actually going to do it.