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His decision - well, Nick Grimshaw's decision, or some producer's decision - to sing Justin Bieber's Sorry is pretty blatant
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The researchers suggest that oxygen must have been frozen very quickly and became trapped in clumps of material early on in the formation of the Solar System.
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"[President Bashar al-] Assad leaving before the process starts doesn't make sense any more," a senior Arab diplomat in the region told me
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Clippard then walked Lorenzo Cain, too, finally forcing Collins’ hand.
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Total data centre traffic meanwhile, is predicted to rise from 3.4 to 10.4 zettabytes during the same time — a threefold increase.
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At the top of the agenda will the future of President Bashar al-Assad
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I now have the beautiful freedom that I’m wealthy enough that I decide why I get out of bed in the morning.”
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Wilton Speight came off the bench and threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Jehu Chesson with under 5 minutes to play and No
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These included cavities in permanent teeth, which affected 2.4 billion people, tension headaches (1.6 billion), age-related hearing loss (1.23 billion) and iron-deficiency anaemia (1.2 billion).
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Focus on employment and wealth generation for black communities are paramount
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Many of the rest employ independent specialty pharmacies that can haggle with insurers and link patients to programs under which drugmakers cover their out-of-pocket costs.
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“Yeah, our D-line is more complete now,” Jenkins said
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But the WHO's findings, which were published Thursday in the journal PLOS ONE, highlight that HSV-1 is also an important cause of genital herpes.
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Nicky's luxe footwear would go great with a pair of denim shorts and a peasant blouse so click right to snap up a pair at Matches Fashion.
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Halloween was not seen in the U.S
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In another turnaround for East Germany, he also voiced support for "approved and well-ordered" demonstrations.
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reportedly reached $140 million in the first half of 2015, around 60 percent higher than in the same period in 2014
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That shone most brightly when she discussed Pacific Standard Films, the production company she founded with Papandrea with the intention of creating more leading parts for women
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"I've got a proper soft spot for Bupsi," he claims
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Most Swedeswould take a century to repay mortgages at current rates.
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Back in August, Google began rolling out updates to the developer and beta which changed up the new tab page
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Around them, men bobbed in a sea made red by their own blood
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Each 1 of public investment in research and development attracts private investment of up to 1.60
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Its crews then switched to high-tech sonar technology last week.
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He got the shots that he wanted when he wanted ’em
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This is a plain two-dimensional measurement that is much easier to make from orbit, even in the warmest months.
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They lunched together recently, going over granular details like the goals against average
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My vision would go blurry and stabbing pains in my legs and arms became a daily occurrence
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In a statement, the charity said: "Because of the vulnerability of Kids Company's clients we cannot comment on individual cases."
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Polls show that the bulk of Trump's support comes from menwho lack a college degree and make less than $40,000 a year, thekind of workers who once formed the backbone of the U.S.manufacturing economy
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A soldier beside Woodson was hit and killed
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The concept of periodic clearance of brain amyloid-beta across the BBB could hold tremendous potential for Alzheimer's patients in the future
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GET floored me and knocked any possible recovery back months.
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Verstappen and Massa do well to haul themselves into the top 10 on an increasingly slippy track
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Cavanaugh continued to climb as a coach
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And for lifers, the guys you sit down next to in prison become your family,” says Alvarez, who’s now living in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico
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“ICESat-2 will measure changes in the ice sheet within the thickness of a No
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He pulled out bullets, patched gaping wounds, and dispensed blood plasma
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The cemetery is criss-crossed by wide gravel pathways
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If that happens — twice — voila Saint Timothy So, it’s really a long and difficult process to become a saint
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So, when you see them flying up in their October swarms, say thanks.
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Google is already licensedto sell auto insurance in 26 states and is working with ahandful of insurers including Dairyland, MetLife and others, shesaid.
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The discovery has ruled out O2-forming mechanisms via some chemical interactions at the surface of the comet.
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Exclusive interview: Cumbrian farming roots and a supportive, strong family will help keep everything in perspective for England's World Cup coach during the defining six weeks of his life
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After his speech, Rubio was mobbed by supporters and journalists
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Picking up where 2000's Painting It Red left off, it found the duo older and wiser (but still bickering), while Heaton's effortless way with melody was undiminished.
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If this is not enough reason to act, we are rapidly running out of conventional oil (although there is unconventional oil aplenty) so it wouldn’t hurt to think ahead.