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NASA has been observing the asteroid through the Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) on Mauna Kea, Hawaii

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Clare's Church, 137-35 Brookville Boulevard in Rosedale, Queens, beginning at 10 a.m.

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An amicable ceasefire prevailed… until about 30 seconds into this episode.

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The report noted that four in 10 people with MS had experienced a relapse in the previous year

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The Metrojet plane, bound for St

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Since the industrial revolution began in 1750, CO2 levels have risen by more than 30% and methane levels have risen more than 140%

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Senator Marco Rubio, businessman Donald Trump and Dr

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It was going to be such a big Saturday night in Queens

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Tseng barely kept any records on the three men until she was contacted by the Medical Board of California

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John Magufuli is celebrating his 56th birthday so the presidency is a perfect gift for him

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Fireweed is a grass bush that takes on a bright red color in autumn

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"What was explained at the end over the loudspeaker was that, in review, the block was on the side," Cutcliffe said

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“Needless to say, our backs are against the wall,” David Wright said

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— An entrepreneur wants to turn the long-shuttered Studebaker assembly plant into a mixed-use building that will house high-technology businesses, manufacturing, offices and condominiums.

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The legal profession and judicial system are on trial, too

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I'm part of the 30-day MOVE fitness programme, so I'll be doing some quick workouts and giving little tips through my social media and blog,

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23 and for three days towed a special device called a towed pinger locator in the water, hoping to pick up sounds of the pinger from El Faro’s voyage data recorder.

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But judging by past settlements, a figure in the hundreds of millions would be more in keeping with precedent

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But a DH spokeswoman said the overall findings were positive, and had buoyed the case for a seven-day NHS

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If you do test positive for flu, then your doctor can put you on Tamiflu to shorten the course of your illness,” Turner says

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Palestinian youths walk past an Israeli soldier at the scene of a stabbing attack as they leave their school near the West Bank town of Hebron, October 26, 2015

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Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” was my guiltiest pleasure

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"We're all just trying to understand the Pleistocene and how rich that ecosystem was," Van Valkenburgh said.

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After a targeting penalty in the end zone by Notre Dame's Elijah Shumate gave Temple a new set of downs, the Owls got it down to the 1 on fourth down

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Molinaro played a grandfather in "The Family Man" sitcom that aired from 1990-1991, and continued to make guest appearances on other series through the early '90s

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The Buckeyes (8-0) are off this weekend and play at home against Minnesota next Saturday

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SNS Outfitters team found the massive crack when they were with a party of hunters in the region.

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I put a series of questions about the nature of the business to Atomwide

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Investors from He Run International recently cancelled plans to build an $54m dairy factory in Otorohanga in North Island

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Brilliant effort, they could hardly have dreamed of this having lost the toss

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Over the knee boots have received cult status in the A-list world once again this autumn/winter, so it's time you invested in the trend that seems to come back out every year

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Mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge on March 13, 2012, and was placed on three years of probation

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"I think it's a brilliant way you can have direct contact with people - the other side of the world, famous people or politicians

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These swollen lymph nodes are called 'bubo' which intensify during the onset of the illness.

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"We think there is a real positive buzz coming out of it and we expect to see an increase in sales."

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For those of us who remember it, it wasn't a classy programme

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Schabowski, a member of and spokesman for the Soviet bloc state's ruling Politburo, was speaking at an otherwise dull news conference on Nov

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We are tired of this melodrama that exploits so many people who used to rely on interest income to pay some of their essential bills

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According to the pilots’ online chatroom, Prune the pilot did report an engine malfunction

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There are many sufferers I have encountered whose symptoms we more severe than this

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He would then splice the pictures together in his studio

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Authorities said a 3-year-old girl was critically injured

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