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It is a highly automated aircraft relying on computers to help pilots stay within safe flying limits.

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On Friday, we learned the Fed's preferred inflation measure, the core Personal Consumption Expenditures price index, inched to a lower-than-expected 0.1 percent monthly change in September vs

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In the last three months, Twitter gained four million new users

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A tour boat with 27 passengers on board sunk off the coast of British Columbia, killing an unknown number of people, rescue officials said on Sunday

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The new outline leaves the partners in control ofthe country's largest gas field, Leviathan, while forcing themto sell smaller, yet sizable, assets.

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Well, it's fair to say that was a beauty or a ripper, as they'd say in parts of Australia and New Zealand

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The bank responded, reasonably enough, that it doesn’t have records going back that far

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The participants underwent ultrasounds and CT scans to measure levels of coronary artery calcium (CAC) and the thickness of carotid arteries

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Todd Bowles hinted weeks ago that he knew this day was coming

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She returned to the London stage in "The Children's Hour".

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JPP said he opted not to go, so he wouldn’t be a “distraction.” But he seems to be more of an inspiration to his teammates — a reminder of how to fight when things go wrong

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This was the place to be seen, the epicentre of the sporting world and the stands were thronged with familiar faces

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She wanted to be a dancer or a Disney star

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I was overwhelmed with fatigue and felt as though I had a serious illness

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“He’s not the best man to marry.”

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These cookies store no personally identifiable information.

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This clearly implies that sleep fragmentation is especially harmfulto positive mood.

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This protects it from security vulnerabilities that allow hackers to attack other encryption systems, such as SSL/TLS

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"Dementia is a condition that weighs heavily on the human psyche, triggering emotional responses of fear and dread

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The El Faro's captain had called in before the vessel disappeared saying the ship had lost its engine power during its voyage from Jacksonville to San Juan, Puerto Rico

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On his and Anderson's performance, a combined 28.1 overs, 15 maidens, six for 30: "That was our plan, to keep it tight as opportunities would arrive

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This caused enough commotion that a patch was created to restore the hood's use

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"Five years ago (a suspect) could have physically walked into a bank and carried out a transaction

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They say, ”Noah, are you going to tow your dad around today?’”

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Incredibly, the grandmother would go on to walk the trail two more times, becoming the first person to complete three Appalachian hikes

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Manning started with a surgically precise touchdown drive, seemingly erasing Lincoln Financial Field

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"We'd like something more normal, but today was exciting

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The Kenosha, Wisconsin, native was a journeyman performer well into middle age when a comedy improv class led to his breakthrough

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As Prince Harry himself put it this was unquestionably the best Rugby World Cup in the tournament’s history.

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"In theory - other things being equal - I do buy that argument

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The airlines said they were closely monitoring the area andthe re-routing was a security precaution, according to separateemailed statements to Reuters

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It is only in very recent years that this has been spoken about

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It will also reportedly feature in-app purchases.

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Those still alive waited to be pulled from the drink by boats that might never come.

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“That’s because their immune responses aren’t as strong, so they can’t fight off infections as well as everyone else.’

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Ten in a thousand equals one in a hundred