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Such permits may be granted if the venue is assessed to be safe and equipped with extinguishers, and the fire department deploys several firefighters to the place.

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Plumes of smoke rose above the capital, on the Indian Ocean coast

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Beal — who finished with 26 points to lead the Wizards — again had the answer, though, evening the score at 97 with his third three of the game at the six-minute mark.

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“I think obviously being at home he got a lot of adrenaline and probably carried that into his press conference after.

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We are working with others across the health system to take this forward.”

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Your Aquarian pet loves to be social, but this month, be careful of mixing them with aggressive or snippy pets

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They are Age Action Ireland, the Asthma Society of Ireland, Diabetes Ireland, the Meningitis Research Foundation and the Irish Patients' Association.

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He was fired up about the win last night

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But at the same time, I agree with him

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The Buckeyes (8-0) are off this weekend and play at home against Minnesota next Saturday

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To that end, at our headquarters at Classis GC (outside Istanbul), tuition and course access is free to Turkish players at junior level.

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Some of them went into rooms to kill residents while others went to the rooftop to fight government soldiers who came to fight the attackers, said Capt

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate should be a great game – but it isn’t

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One of his policies was to make the arts available to all Cubans, not just the rich.

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A spokesperson for the former prime minister said that to Blair’s knowledge the reports were “nonsense”

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He wouldn’t miss again until the second half

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He gave police inconsistent accounts of the interactions he had with his parents the last time that they were seen, the affidavit said.

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The result of costumes and theming getting in the way of hoofing, perchance?

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It is to hook people in and lead them towards bigger savings on utilities and other, duller things

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Both the El Faro and its sister ship were slated to be replaced by two new ships

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But I also received some messages supporting LGfL

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The retailer has been mired in a sales slump, with revenue at Kmart stores open at least a year down about 7 percent in each of the past two quarters

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We are working closely with industry to ensure installations are made with the highest of standards.

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His lawyers say he was tortured and kept in isolation for extended periods.

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He’s been on the trail for about four months now, and he’s arrived at many of the dead ends that stymied so many before him

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"This race was only about American Pharoah and we wanted him to go out a winner

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Robins, who was unemployed when he sued in 2010, had claimed his Spokeo entry had damaged his job-seeking prospects because it contained inaccurate information

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Progressives continue to betray the disadvantaged children whom they profess to champion.

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Patients with glioblastoma, a type of malignant brain tumor, usually survive fewer than 15 months following diagnosis

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But there are a lot of people here with urgent questions about why their friends and relatives are not safely home tonight after a holiday in the Egyptian sun.

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In the case of people their suffering matters, but their happiness also matters

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“Flu virus causes high fever, cough, chills and body ache

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Fox offered Rose $10,000 to stay on for the rest of the World Series, but he had already committed to appearing at a card show in Philly

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But then he’d get to playing ball and by the time he went home, his stomach felt so empty it was as if he’d never eaten at all.

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Perhaps for me the proudest moment of the night was when you, Sen

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Griffin, is carried to their grave site at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, October 20, 2015

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Manhattan: The death of NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was a senseless tragedy

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"My plate does overflow sometimes and I do this largely now I realize because of the HOV/AIDS crisis," he said

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But Gatewood wasn't too impressed with this record-breaking feat

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But if you’re interested in gaming on Apple TV, you’ll want to buy the $50 Steelseries Nimbus, a wireless gamepad with official Apple support.

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“He was the greatest grandfather in the world

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The captain, Michael Davidson, said the ship was listing, and taking on water.