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Volunteer Guidelines

Anyone 16 and older is eligible to work, regardless of if they’re in the corps or not. So members are encouraged to bring their friends and family members.

Profits from events may only be attributed to member dues or directly to the corps.

Volunteers enter through the parking deck and check in on Level 2 (See Photo Below).

When we work at the Energy Center, we strive to do everything in our power to be on time, responsible, and represent ALLIANCE well.

We encourage workers to get each other’s numbers so that they can communicate efficiently.

Most events will require 6 workers, not including the lead, but this varies per event.

Workers should wear black or khaki pants and they will be issued a shirt at the site which they are to return after the event. The first person to arrive and sign in should pick up 8 towels and the inventory log. Ask a manager (person in light blue shirt) for help if necessary.

Workers should also bring $3 cash if they want to purchase a proof of pudding hat, otherwise they’ll have to wear a hair net, unless their hair is shorter than a #1 guard.

Attendance Policies:

  • Cancellations: Up to 3 cancellations before suspended from fundraising. 3 separate cancellations of event days will lead to suspension.
  • Tardies: Tardies exceeding 15 minutes will result in a $10 penalty to that member. Leads will confirm tardy time.
  • No Show: immediate suspension from arena for no show, no call.

Always let us know if there are questions. We encourage workers to always stay humble and ask for help often if they need it, but strive to remember what managers or other employees tell you.

Lead Volunteer Guidelines

All events will have a lead that is responsible for picking up money, counting tips, and keeping workers focused. They are in charge of retrieving the money bag for the event from the cash room. One person must accompany them to retrieve it and return it at the end of the night. The lead should bring a blank envelope or make one out of paper and write the following on the envelope:

  • Date
  • Event name
  • Stand location (Ex. Pizza 106)
  • All worker names
  • Tip amount

Tips need to be cashed out at the end of the night for largest bills (i.e. if we make $20 in ones, we need to swap that for one $20 bill). This money goes in the envelope along with the yellow receipt that the cash room will give at the end of the night. The envelope needs to go to CEO or Executive Director as soon as possible.